A bespoke decorated celebration cake, is iced and decorated to your speficifc requirements. From classic designs to something more unique, we can turn your ideas into cake!


We get asked a lot, how long it takes to make a cake. The full process is done over two or three days sometimes more if there is a lot of work involved. As an example, a very simple design on a single tier cake would take 2.5+ hours to make, not including any baking cooling or setting times and this whole process will be done over two or three days.


We bake everything to order, we do not freeze our cakes or have a back stock of cakes just lying around. You order it and we bake it just for you.


Decorated cakes are a popular choice for many celebrations and we have worked hard over several years to build up our excellent reputation. This is why we do tend to book up weeks or months ahead of time! So we always advise do book early.

Decorated Cakes

Starting Prices

The following prices are starting prices for our Decorated Celebration Cakes.

Our starting prices below include the following...


-Deep triple layer sponge cake (around 4" deep)

-Sharp Edge Fondant Finish OR buttercream finish

-Any of our flavours

-Simple ribbon in a colour of your choice

-Any name & age OR short message of your choice

-Simple mini cut decoration such as hearts/stars/flowers


Any additional decoration or design is priced for each specific

order, and the final price of your cake will depend upon the level

of design, detail and time involved in creating your bespoke

decorated celebration cake.





Serving Sizes

We offer two servings sizes:

Regular portion: 1" x 2" x 4" slice

Finger portion: 1" x 1" x 4" slice


Celebration Cakes

The following prices are starting prices, the final price will

depend on the level of detail and objects in your

chosen design.


Prices From...

6" Serves 14 Regular Portions / 28 Finger Portions £35

7" Serves 18 Regular Portions / 36 Finger Portions £45

8" Serves 25 Regular Portions / 50 Finger Portions £55

9" Serves 30 Regular Portions / 60 Finger Portions £65

10" Serves 38 Regular Portions / 76 Finger Portions £75

11" Serves 45 Regular Portions / 90 Finger Portions £85

12" Serves 58 Regular Portions / 116 Finger Portions £95

13" Serves 68 Regular Portions / 136 Finger Portions £105

14" Serves 78 Regular Portions / 156 Finger Portions £115



Tiered Celebration Cakes

The following prices are starting prices, the final price will

depend on the level of detail and objects in your chosen design.


Prices From...


Two Tiers:

5” and 7” Serves 30 Regular / 60 Finger Portions: £85

6” and 8” Serves 40 Regular / 80 Finger Portions: £99

7” and 9” Serves 50 Regular / 100 Finger Portions: £115


Three Tiers:

5” 7” and 9” Serves 60 Regular / 120 Finger Portions: £195



3D Carved Cakes

Choose from Vanilla, Chocolate or Lemon. Hand carved into

your chosen design, perfect for cars, caravans, 3D cartoon

characters, animals, homes, instruments or other objects.

These cakes include 360 degree decoration and we are happy

to use photos of your specific item, vehicle or animal as a

reference when creating your cake.


Additional charges for extra decorations, figures or very

detailed object, as per your specific requirements.


Regular: 20-30 Regular Portions / Around 8” : £75

Large: 30-40 Regular Portions / Around 10” £95

XL: 40-50 Regular Portions / Around 12” £125

XXL: 50-60 Regular Portions / Around 14”: £185


Larger sizes over 60 portions: Prices available on request.

Please note delivery is required to your venue for larger sizes

and depending on the size and number of our team involved

with the delivery and set up there may be an additional

delivery charge even if you are within our 10 mile radius.


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