Emma and her small team bake everything frcom scratch with a large range of amazing flavours to choose from and the cake designed to your specific requirements. From classic simple designs, to something more quirky or cascades of sugar flowers, Emma decorates every wedding cake herself by hand meaning your cake is made with love and the attention to detail it deserves. The cutting of the wedding cake is the image most people think of when you say wedding and we believe your cake should tastes as good as it looks and be personal to you.


A bespoke wedding cake, is one that is designed to your specific design requests. Emma will work with you as a couple to design the perfect cake for your sepcial day. The price of your cake will depend on lots of different factors including the number of servings, size, number of tiers, and finally the design.

For bespoke cakes we highly advise booking a wedding cake consultation with Emma, where you can sit down and go through all your ideas together and Emma will draw up a design with you and at the end of the consultation will be able to give you an accurate quote. If you are just looking for a rough idea of cost, you can find our starting price guide below. 

All of our Bespoke Wedding Cakes include all of the following...

  • One Free wedding cake consultation with Emma including our design service.
  • Unique one off bespoke design.
  • Any of our amazing flavours, you can even choose a differnt flavour for each tier!
  • Delivery & Set up to your venue within 10 miles of our shop (delivery available for over 10 miles for an extra charge)
  • Flexible payment plan, 25% deposit required to confirm your booking, with the option to pay off smaller amounts as and when you wish, with any remainin blance due one month before your big day.

Dessert Tables


The final price of your cake will depend on your final design choices, and the complexity and time involved in your final design and this can vary dramatically depending on what you would like. But this guide will give you a starting point for your budget. For an exact quote, we advise booking a wedding consultation with Emma, but we are also happy to povide quotes via email or through messenger too, but it is much easier to go through everything in person face to face so we can discuss all the possible options for you.


5" 7" and 9" Tiers             Serves 60 Reg  / 120 Small Portions          From £250

6" 8" and 10" Tiers            Serves 80 Reg  / 160 Small Portions          From £299

7" 9" and 11" Tiers              Serves 100 Reg / 200 Small Portions         From £350


5" 7" 9" and 11" Tiers          Serves 105 Reg  / 210 Small Portions         From £399

6" 8" 10" and 12" Tiers        Serves 135 Reg  / 270 Small Portions        From £450


5" 7" 9" 11" and 13" Tiers      Serves 195 Reg  / 390 Small Portions        From £550

6" 8" 10" 12" and 14" Tiers    Serves 225 Reg / 450 Small Portions        From £599


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